100°F Apple and Motorola reportedly plan a cell phone that plays iTunes. But does it slice, dice, and make julienne fries?

80°F New It Lit Boy Benjamin Kunkel scores raves for his novel Indecision, then a seven-figure movie deal from Scott Rudin.

60°F The Island tops $100 million overseas, triple its domestic tally. Maybe Michael Bay should’ve been named our U.N. ambassador.

40°F Contestant on the Dutch Big Brother might give birth on the show. Producers struggle with ethics of voting out a newborn.

20°F Despite a jaw-dropping R. Kelly soap popera, VMAs prove they can be just as boring and bloated as grown-up awards shows.

0°F Ashlee Simpson vehicle Undiscovered wins the prize for most apt movie title, opening with a Glitter-like $676,000.