By Gilbert Cruz
Updated September 02, 2005 at 04:00 AM EDT

Dwight B. Wilmerding has chronic Indecision. The 28-year-old philosophy major is so indecisive he buys everything bagels (poppy seed, salt, onion, etc.) and slathers each side with a different spread, and flips a coin to decide whether to fly to Ecuador to see a girl he doesn’t really know but may be in love with. He does choose to take a new pill that’s supposed to combat indecision, and sets off for South America, where he will encounter more drugs and a socio-political awakening. Wilmerding is a character whose mind and voice are constantly running, and large swaths of Indecision are consumed by his annoying faux-philosophical musings. Yes, Benjamin Kunkel has succeeded in crafting a voice of singular originality — one that you want to punch in the mouth.