EW shines a light on two strikingly similar movie posters. ''Peter Sellers'' and ''Illuminated'': separated at the printing plant?

”We tried something different, eye-catching, and surreal,” says Warner Independent’s Laura Kim of the poster for Everything Is Illuminated. Surreal? Sure. But different? The publicity billboard is strikingly similar to HBO’s ad from last December for the TV movie The Life and Death of Peter Sellers, from the cottonball clouds to the sunflower that partially obscures the face of a bespectacled hipster-nerd in a monochromatic suit. Perhaps Jonathan Safran Foer (played by Elijah Wood in the screen adaptation of the author’s faux-memoir) has a style that’s similar to the late Peter Sellers’ (portrayed by Geoffrey Rush in the 2004 biopic), but what about the nature elements? Kim points to an Illuminated scene in which Wood’s character is in a sunflower field. As for the rest? Says Kim: ”There are blue skies in a lot of posters!”

Everything Is Illuminated
  • Movie
  • 104 minutes