EW rates four trailers for upcoming movies. A look at ''Aeon Flux,'' ''Jarhead,'' ''Rent,'' and ''Yours, Mine & Ours''

EW rates four trailers for upcoming movies

AEON FLUX Silly and thrilling, this peek at Charlize Theron’s anime-style ride assures us that future society will respect the rule of lawn. B

JARHEAD ”Jesus Walks” in this ghostly glimpse at the Gulf War I drama. Jake Gyllenhaal and the camera lens are nicely, mutually aloof. A

RENT The film version of Jonathan Larson’s pop La Bohàme gives up little in its trailer: Here’s the cast, here’s a song, be happy. And we are. B+

YOURS, MINE & OURS It’s the valu-pak version of Cheaper by the Dozen, with 18 unruly kids. Breaks down to zero laughs per kid. D

Aeon Flux
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