The filmmaker discusses ''Crash'''s surprisingly ''uncomfortable'' success

So, does it feel like you’re wearing an invisible invincibility cloak?
[Laughs] It’s totally unexpected. I never thought Crash would ever get made, let alone find an audience.

Why has it?
It’s touching a nerve. Too often in Hollywood, we like to wrap everything up so there’s no need to enter into a dialogue with the film. But people walk out of Crash and they’re arguing. To me, that’s the success of the film.

On the DVD, co-writer Bobby Moresco remembers you asking him, ”Can we really write this?”
Unless I’m truly uncomfortable when I’m doing a project, I’m not happy. And this project made me really uncomfortable.

The carjacking plot is based on events from your own life. What might you say to your carjackers now?
”Thank you very much.” Without them, I would’ve never written this. As Sandra Bullock said to me, ”Go have something else terrible happen to your life. I need another film.”