Well, we tried. For the Fall TV Preview issue, Entertainment Weekly interviewed the folks behind Lost and Desperate Housewives, looking for clues to how two of last season’s most compelling cliffhangers will be resolved, but the stars and producers were pretty cagey. Still, EW’s Jennifer Armstrong managed to pry a few secrets loose about Season 2 of Lost (premiering Sept. 21). Skip the next section if you don’t want to see the spoilers.

– What happened to young Walt (Malcolm David Kelley), kidnapped by The Others? Shannon (Maggie Grace) will spot him in the woods, but she’ll have a hard time convincing her friends that she’s not hallucinating.
– On the romance front, things will heat up between Claire (Emilie de Ravin) and Charlie (Dominic Monaghan), and between Shannon and Sayid (Naveen Andrews), while the arrival of Michelle Rodriguez’s character will likely send Kate (Evangeline Lilly) out of Jack’s (Matthew Fox) orbit, maybe toward Sawyer (Josh Holloway).
– The producers assure us that there will be ”more death.”
– And as for what’s in the hatch, we’ll find out during the premiere, though Terry O’Quinn (Locke) and the other stars hinted that the revelation will only raise more questions.

Over on Desperate Housewives, which returns Sept. 25, Marcia Cross (Bree) and creator Marc Cherry get EW’s Lynette Rice up to speed on what’s going to happen to the folks on Wisteria Lane, including newcomer Betty Applewhite (Alfre Woodard). A few mild spoilers after the jump.

Here are some details from Rice’s story:

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