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So ABC is reviving reality-show pioneer This Is Your Life, which ran on NBC in the 1950s, and the news gives me irrational hope that some of my own past favorites might come out of mothballs. I mean, if people will sit and watch highlight reels from the lives of celebrities, business titans, and average folks, wouldn’t they go bananas for Cupid, ABC’s short-lived romantic drama from 1998, especially now that the nation has finally recognized Jeremy Piven’s special brand of comic genius? Or how about Fox’s Profit, the inventive business-world soap that’s finally come out on DVD? Or, if I’m really stretching, the bizarre 1996 family sitcom, Aliens in the Family, which disappeared from ABC’s primetime schedule after only two episodes? I can’t be the only one who remembers Jim Henson Studios’ creation Baby Bobut, and his adorable rants: ”I. Require. Pudding.”

Okay, enough of my TV pipe dreams. If you were a network exec, which dead series would you resuscitate?