Al Pacino, Jay Hernandez, ...
Credit: Carlitos' Way and Carlito's Way Rise to Power: Kobal Collection

Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power (Sept. 27) Um, was there really a great demand for a Carlito’s Way prequel? Here’s Jay Hernandez (near left), affecting a Pacino-esque rasp as the younger version of the Puerto Rican crimelord Pacino played in the 1993 film (far left). And here’s Diddy, looking sharp, contemporary, and anachronistic in a film set in the late ’60s.

Stay (Oct. 21) Hmm, Ewan McGregor as sort of a bland everyman protagonist, Ryan Gosling as a potentially violent psychotic, and Naomi Watts as a maternal woman who knows a few things about ghosts — haven’t we seen all this before?

Capote (Sept. 30). The beefy, baritone-voiced Philip Seymour Hoffman is about the last person I’d have cast as Truman Capote, but he sold me in this clip. This film, which focuses on how Capote came to write In Cold Blood, seems to portray the author as a man who casually and cannily toyed with people’s loyalties for his own ends. Looks fascinating, especially with Catherine Keener and Chris Cooper on board.

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