Charlize Theron
Credit: Charlize Theron: Chris Polk/AP

Which of these unlikely film-news tidbits is just a figment of my over-caffeinated imagination?

A. Charlize Theron is bowing out of a guest-starring role on Fox’s sitcom Arrested Development because of re-shoots on her upcoming feature Aeon Flux.

B. Screenwriter Paul Haggis (Million Dollar Baby, Crash) has been hired to rewrite the latest James Bond flick.

C. Saturday Night Live alum Cheri Oteri will play a nefarious lesbian bodybuider in the new Sarah Michelle Gellar movie, Southland Tales.

D. Songbird Alicia Keys says she’ll make her movie debut as an assassin in Smokin’ Aces.

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addCredit(“Charlize Theron: Chris Polk/AP”)

I’m pleased to report the correct answer is ‘A.’ Theron will indeedmake her Arrested debut on Sept. 26, the first of five episodes inwhich she’ll play a British woman who becomes romantically involvedwith Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman). Let’s hope the Oscar winner’s stintwill draw more viewers to the inexplicably ratings-challenged sitcom.As for the other headlines: Haggis’ rewrite will be based on the 1953Ian Fleming novel Casino Royale; Oteri’s other costars in thefuturistic drama will include Seann William Scott and Dwayne ”TheRock” Johnson; and Keys confirmed to Billboard that she’ll”definitely be kicking a–” in her big-screen feature.