50 Cent
Credit: 50 Cent: AP

Miami cops who are having a hard time finding helpful witnesses to the shooting that wounded hip-hop mogul Suge Knight at a pre-Video Music Awards party on Saturday should take consolation in the fact that New York police have had numerous rapper-related shootings go unsolved, despite the notorious 500-page secret dossier the NYPD compiled on the hip-hop community. Well, not entirely secret, since the Suge shooting has prompted The Smoking Gun to post 24 pages from the file, including mug shots of Jay-Z, Diddy, Nas, Fabolous, and others. Also included are police reports of incidents phoned in by rappers, like Busta Rhymes’ complaint that his baby mama yanked his hair out, or reports made by 50 Cent (left) concerning three separate assaults against him. Looking forward to the reenactments of some of these incidents on the website’s new puppet show on Court TV.

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