Omar Epps, Hugh Laurie, ...
Credit: house: Scott Garfield

Any way you slice it, Dr. Greg House is a nasty piece of work. The razor-sharp, supergrumpy doc endlessly taunts his three protégés, pops painkillers like breath mints, and callously follows his own moral code — even resuscitating patients who’ve signed away their lives. But as played by the fantastically grizzled (and oddly attractive) Hugh Laurie, the antisocial antihero comes off sympathetically over the course of House: Season One, injecting the compelling hospital procedural with an extra cc of adrenaline and realism.

EXTRAS No commentaries, but featurettes (each shorter than the ornery doc’s temper) include a set visit and a snippet of Laurie’s audition tape. Plus, the British actor shares his take on sampling his first of-course-it’s-only-for-research Vicodin: ”A very enjoyable product.”