Memoirs of a Geisha
Credit: Memoirs of a Geisha: David James

Memoirs of a Geisha (Dec. 9). The clip is on a Japanese site, but it’s in English (with Japanese subtitles). Thanks in no small measure to stars Ziyi Zhang (left), Michelle Yeoh, and Gong Li, the movie appears lush, sumptuous, and soapy. In other words, it looks pretty great.

Lost (Sept. 21). There’s a teaser for the Season 2 premiere at Lost site, though it’s a long slog to get to the Easter Egg. Follow the instructions here, which require you to watch several season 1 clips, and you’ll get a quick excerpt of a scene from next month’s premiere, in which Locke lowers Kate into the hatch. She says, ”I think there’s something down here” (duh!), then screams. A light emits from the opening, as if something has been awakened. Uh-oh.

The Ice Harvest (Nov. 23). Via Movie City News, here’s a clip for another Mob comedy with a terrible title from Harold Ramis (Analyze This). This one, though, looks like a much darker farce, with John Cusack as an embezzling Mob lawyer trying to get out of town during a Christmas Eve blizzard, with Mob boss Randy Quaid in pursuit. Also aboard is Billy Bob Thornton; guess you can’t have a dark Yuletide comedy without Bad Santa. Bonus cool points for use of the Eels’ ”Flyswatter” on the trailer’s soundtrack.

Steal Me (Sept. 9). This Sundance selection is about a juvenile delinquent (Danny Alexander), his shy new friend (Weeds‘ Hunter Parrish), the friend’s hot mom (Cara Seymour), and the hot girl next door (Paz de la Huerta). In other words, sort of a rural O.C.

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