Ian Bannen, David Kelly, ...

So, what do Waking Ned Devine (left), Chasing Amy, Searching for Bobby Fischer, Waiting for Guffman, and Wrestling Ernest Hemingway all have in common? Here’s the answer we were looking for: The titular characters never appear in their respective movies. (Okay, all you Objection McSticklers out there: We concede that Ned Devine pops up for a split second — but as a corpse.)

Guess this week’s Headscratcher was easy: Too many people to name guessed correctly (but a special shout-out goes to Laura Miello, who answered seemingly seconds after we posted the item). As always, PopWatch gives bonus points for creative answers. Here are a few of our superlatives:

Most Spirited
”Nobody ever does the action in the title: nobody chases Amy; nobody searches for Bobby Fischer (just as well, he’s not that friendly); nobody waits for Guffman; nobody wakes Ned Devine (or you’d have a zombie movie instead); and nobody wrestles Ernest Hemingway.” — Sarah Baker (Brandon Catanzariti and Kaiulani Watson also followed this train of thought — but, as one reader pointed out, characters do indeed wait for Guffman)

Most Likely to Succeed
”I’m pretty sure the titular character is never shown in any of these movies. Is that right? I think I’m right. I’m great…” — Jack Volpe (who also hilariously greeted us as ”Dudes”)

Class Clown
”Simple: Those are all movies based on video games. (It’s tricky because Searching For Bobby Fisher: San Andreas was pulled from shelves after two weeks when parents objected to the graphic sex scenes you could access by winning a chess game in a certain number of moves.)” — Daisy James

Uh… Biggest Flirt?
”Euphemisms for masturbation.” — Liz Willette Dallas