-Anyone glad to see MC Hammer (left) again at last night’s MTV Video Music Awards? 2 Live Crew’s Luke? Grandmaster Flash?
-Anyone think Suge Knight upstaged the entire show by getting shot in the leg at Kanye West’s pre-show party the night before? And is that what Diddy meant when he said, ”The theme of tonight is, anything can happen”?
-Anyone want to complain that Coldplay, U2, and J. Lo, each of whom was 0 for 4 last night, wuz robbed?
-Anyone think Snoop and Gwen deserved to win Diddy’s Fashion Challenge? Did Gwen rock the leopard-print look better than Lindsay Lohan? And if there were an award for the fashion-challenged, would Jessica Simpson have won?
-Anyone think it was in poor taste for Eva Longoria to joke about the hurricane that had just killed nine people, or for Jeremy Piven to joke to Lil’ Kim about her imminent incarceration?
-Anyone have a clue what R. Kelly was really up to during his ”Trapped in the Closet” reenactment?
-Anyone feel cheated by the brief reggaeton segment?
-Anyone think the best performance was Kanye and Jamie Foxx? Ludacris? The Killers? Mariah?
-Anyone think Green Day’s six-trophy triumph means there’ll be more rock videos on MTV?

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