While you’re waiting for the MTV Video Music Awards (Sun. at 8 p.m.), here are some indulgences:

Boudu Saved From Drowning (Sex): The classic 1932 comedy, remade a half-century later as Down and Out in Beverly Hills, is available on a new DVD with some choice extras. Notably, there’s a an interview with director Jean Renoir (who died in 1979), who recalls that French audiences rioted over scenes where Michel Simon (as the homeless man rescued by a bourgeois Parisian) eats with his hands but shrugged at his seduction of his benefactor’s wife. Edward Karam gives this disc a B+ in the current issue of EW.

The Constant Gardener (Drugs): Smart political thrillers are such a rarity that one one comes to the multiplex, you should support it. Besides, Ralph Fiennes and Rachel Weisz, as Brits in Africa who uncover a massive pharmaceutical drug conspiracy, are pretty easy on the eyes.

A Beautiful Lie, 30 Seconds to Mars (Rock & Roll): The world is on fire, and only Jared Leto’s cheekbones (left) can save it! Actually, 30STM are more credible rockers than most movie-star side projects. Their second disc jettisons their debut’s pretentious prog soundscapes for a streamlined hard rock approach à la Linkin Park or Incubus. Still, how will listeners work up a froth of righteous rock fury when they’re thinking, “Sigh, Jordan Catalano…”? Lie hits stores on Tuesday, but you can preview the material on the band’s tour (which launches this weekend in Houston) or on their website.

Rome (More Sex): Betcha there’ll be more debauchery on this HBO miniseries (premiering Sun. at 9 p.m.) than on MTV’s VMAs, though you could surf back and forth just to make sure.