Steve Guttenberg
Credit: Police Academy 2: The Kobal Collection

Steve Guttenberg is not a fan of Entertainment Weekly.

EW writer Josh Wolk’s epic retrospective on the Police Academy franchise, in the magazine’s current issue, is also an account of how he spent eons trying in vain to score an interview with the ’80s movie comedy icon. Not even Paul Maslansky, the franchise’s creator, could persuade Guttenberg to return Wolk’s call. During the course of his Roger & Me-like quest, Wolk did learn some earth-shaking news: that Guttenberg was not the first, second, or third choice for what would be his career-making role as Mahoney (the producers’ wish list included Michael Keaton, Tom Hanks, and Judge Reinhold), and that Maslansky is developing an eighth Police Academy movie (the first since 1994’s Mission to Moscow).

As chance would have it, Wolk ran into Guttenberg in a restaurant, where the actor politely explained that he’d been ducking the reporter’s calls because ”every time I’ve been called by EW, they’ve dissed me. It somehow gets turned around. I’m not sure what it is, but they always take my head off.” (I don’t what Guttenberg is talking about; read our handful of Guttenberg-related articles and see for yourself if his complaint has merit. Besides, he was all too happy to talk to EW weeks later to promote his joining the cast of Veronica Mars.)

Still, The Goot has a point; he’s been far too easy a target, having spent much of the last 20 years making movies with babies, dolphins, and the Olsen Twins. Isn’t it time that Guttenberg — and Police Academy — got some respect?

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