Taking the temperature of pop culture -- We rate the hottest and coldest in entertainment

100°F Spotty seasons aside, Six Feet Under ends satisfyingly with a birth, many deaths, and loads of bad aging makeup.

80°F FX orders a third season of stellar drama Rescue Me. Despite Starved, the net actually has a modicum of taste.

60°F R-rated comedy rides again as The 40 Year-Old Virgin tops the box office and Wedding Crashers thrives in week 6.

40°F Martha Stewart’s daughter, Alexis, will be an adviser on Stewart’s Apprentice. Uh, Mom, why is your ankle beeping?

20°F The Rolling Stones have their own station on Sirius Satellite Radio. Don’t they already have one? It’s called Classic Rock.

0°F According to an online survey, viewers have picked Ghost Whisperer and Surface to be fall TV hits. Recount, please.