EW recommends tracks by Fiona Apple, Ghosty, Cam'Ron, and Dirty On Purpose

Download This: September 2, 2005

Scorned once again, FIONA APPLE offers a scathing ”Parting Gift” for her former flame on this new track: ”You silly, stupid pastime of mine/You were always good for a rhyme.” Burn! ITUNES.COM

Influenced by the Beach Boys’ sunny-side-up vibe and lofty vocals, guitar-pop quintet GHOSTY beg for the summer soundtrack treatment with ”Big Surrender,” a luminous online exclusive. GHOSTYMUSIC.COM

”You wanna go to Waffle House? IHOP?” asks flirty New York City rapper CAM’RON as he gives the ladies ”Somethin New.” The laid-back beat is perfect for hip-hop’s own ghetto Shakespeare. RHAPSODY.COM

DIRTY ON PURPOSE craft an ’80s-sounding indie-rock gem with the pulsing ”All New Friends.” Hardly filthy, the song soars on the strength of singer Erika Forster’s dreamy delivery. DIRTYONPURPOSE.COM/EW