Chatting with Vince Vaughn. EW takes an exclusive look at the ''Wedding Crasher'' star's next gig

Wedding Crashers may be the summer’s top comedy, but star Vince Vaughn, 35, isn’t resting on his laurels. He’s informed EW exclusively that next he’ll emcee Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show, a 30-day, 30-gig U.S. tour featuring stand-ups Ahmed Ahmed, John Caparulo, Bret Ernst, and Sebastian Maniscalco. The bus gets rolling Sept. 12 in L.A. and drives through the South and Midwest before parking in the Windy City on Oct. 11. (For more information, go to ”Bands travel around and perform every night,” he says. ”That kind of live interaction with the crowd is always great.” In other words, he’s ready to rock.

How did you assemble this ensemble from L.A.’s Comedy Store?
There’s something really pure about these comics. Like my friend Ahmed is Muslim-American, and there are not a lot of roles or opportunities for him, so stand-up comedy became his only road, the way for him to express what’s going on. For all the comics, there’s some truth in that for the comedy they do.

Is your hosting style more Miss America or WrestleMania?
[Chuckles] It’s just myself. My favorite was Johnny Carson. You come out, try to make people feel comfortable, try to have fun. I don’t want to pick on the audience — it’s not my style. If there’s any teasing, it’s self-deprecating.

Do you have any fond road trip memories?
My family would take road trips all the time — we’d go [from Illinois] to Ohio or down to Florida. That was always a big deal: being in a car, traveling with your family, trying not to get grounded by the time you get there!

Now that you’re an expert wedding crasher, what advice would you give to folks who plan on crashing the shows?
I don’t think they’re crashable. I mean, you’ve gotta buy tickets.