Cameron Diaz has big shoes to fill. ''In Her Shoes''' poster touts the name of its three lead actresses but only pictures the ''Charlie's Angels''' star

In Her Shoes, which opens Oct. 7, tells a story carried by three actresses: Cameron Diaz (as a screwed-up seductress named Maggie), Toni Collette (as Maggie’s disapproving older sister, Rose), and Shirley MacLaine (as their long-lost grandmother). But you’d never guess that balance from a poster unveiled in July. While it trumpets all three names in equal-size print, it pictures only Diaz — admittedly the main box office draw here, thanks to Charlie’s Angels and There’s Something About Mary. Isn’t the solo approach a tad misleading? ”I had the same reaction,” says Diaz. ”Like, this is an ensemble film! They did it as a teaser. That’s what I was told. So, you know how marketing is. They’re gonna bring people in. It doesn’t always make sense, but they have their plan.”

It’s a plan other studios have used successfully on hard-to-summarize comedic dramas. Jack Nicholson was the only star in posters for As Good as It Gets (no Greg Kinnear, an eventual Oscar nominee for Supporting Actor, or Helen Hunt, a Best Actress Oscar winner). For Shoes director Curtis Hanson (L.A. Confidential), the trade-off makes some sense. ”The movie is not an advertising dream,” he says. ”Cameron is the bread and butter they’re comfortable with, so it’s okay.”

A Fox rep says that eventually the movie’s promotional art ”will evolve to a multicharacter look.” Meanwhile, Diaz’s costars shrug off being left out of round 1. ”It’s not my department,” says Collette amicably. Adds MacLaine: ”Maybe they’re right to go with freewheeling, gorgeous Cameron. I’d have a question if I were Toni. But I’ve been through this so many times, I don’t care…. You can’t fight marketing. It’s like hanging bubbles on a clothesline.”

In Her Shoes
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