Josh Duhamel, The Bachelor, ...

editor1 (2:07:07 PM): Hey, did you watch So You Think You Can Dance last night?
editor2 (2:07:49 PM): Wouldn’t miss it.
editor1 (2:07:57 PM): Did you notice how much Artem (at right) looks like that guy from Las Vegas, Josh Duhamel (at left)? I didn’t catch it last week; he was flashing so much glistening torso I had to look down at my shoes
editor2 (2:08:33 PM): Oh yeah, he kinda does, but I think he looks more like Jerry from The Bachelorette (center), the guy that Jen turned down on live tv.
editor1 (2:08:42 PM): Poor jerry!
editor1 (2:08:55 PM): Of course, I thought Jerry looked like Josh Duhamel too
editor2 (2:08:58 PM): and now he’s dancing his heart out as Artem
editor1 (2:09:11 PM): good to see he’s still getting work…and he does a decent Russian accent too
editor2 (2:09:47 PM): Who knew he had all those ”moves”? Jen missed out. Maybe if he ran around shirtless on The Bachelorette he wouldn’t have been turned down.
editor1 (2:10:18 PM): Hell to the O!
editor2 (2:10:31 PM): uh. I don’t know what to say to that.

Back to work, people!