What’s weirder?

A) Dancing With the Stars runner-up John O’Hurley cohosting the Miss America pageant with ”special correspondent” Omarosa, resident villainess from The Apprentice and The Surreal Life

B) Fox considering passing on Ivana Young Man, a reality dating show hosted by the former Mrs. Trump (left)

C) A Dutch cable network is airing five new reality pilots from the makers of Big Brother, including I Want Your Child and Nothing Else, a reality special about a woman’s quest for a sperm donor

I’ve got to go with C. A closer look reveals that I Want Your Child… has some stiff competition, including a show about a group of prostitutes trying to start a business. But if I Want Your Child wins, the program will conclude with the artificial insemination of the series’ star.

I really don’t have anything left in the tank, people.Slezak out.

addCredit(“Ivana Trump: Tina Fineberg/AP”)