Meet the new girls on ''America's Next Top Model'' -- EW picks the four contestants most likely to claim the crown
America's Next Top Model
Credit: America's Next Top Model: Hyungwon Ryoo/UPN

Early in the morning in Los Angeles, a young woman in a gold lamé suit and pink cape dangles from a crane three stories above the ground. ”Convince me you’re Batman,” bellows Mr. Jay via bullhorn from below. ”Convince me, please. I’m not convinced yet.”

What else could this be — really — other than the first photo shoot of the fifth season of America’s Next Top Model (premiering Sept. 21 at 8 p.m. on UPN)? The caped Kim is the first of 13 contestants who’ll hop up on the crane, taking a giant step toward supermodeldom. ”Not too much Superman,” Jay yells. ”Remember, the rule of thumb for modeling is: If it feels uncomfortable, it looks great.” With that in mind, we’ve picked four hopefuls who, in the grand tradition of Tyra Banks’ reality competition, seem most at ease making others uncomfortable.

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