Snakes on a Plane
Credit: Snakes on a Plane: New Line

Via Defamer (warning: link contains profanity) comes a giant, slithering roundup of the latest regarding Snakes on a Plane, next year’s B-movie extravaganza starring Samuel L. Jackson as a Fed protecting a witness on a flight to Los Angeles aboard which a crateload of deadly reptiles has been set loose. The posting follows last week’s good news from Jackson that New Line has sensibly reversed its decision to retitle the film Pacific Air Flight 121. ”It’s like, come on. You either want to see this movie or you don’t,” Jackson said. ”Snakes on a Plane. There’s no mystery to that.”

There’s also a link to photos from the movie, and a link (also profanity-laden) to the hilarious blog of a screenwriter who was briefly attached to the project as a script doctor. I’m still laughing at Jackson’s explanation of the appeal of doing such a ”no-brainer” film, in which no Method acting is required: ”You don’t have to think about it. There’s snakes. I get to spend six and a half weeks going to set every day going, ‘Ah! Ah! Oh! Ow!’ I don’t have to go in every day and figure out the dramatic purpose of this particular scene.”