Four wacky headlines; one of them is fake. Can you find the phony?

A) The Sopranos is promoting its upcoming season by dangling fake dead arms from the trunks of Manhattan taxis.
B) A painting of Charlotte’s vagina from Season 1 of Sex and the City is selling on eBay.
C) Mirroring his sitcom character, Entourage star Adrian Grenier is in talks to headline a big-screen version of Aquaman.
D) Sacha Baron Cohen, star of Da Ali G Show, emerged from the surf dressed as his ”Borat” character, and tackled Pamela Anderson at a wedding for her dogs Luca and Star.

Get the correct answer after the jump…

Proving that truth is indeed stranger than fiction, the Ali G/canine wedding sabotage actually occurred this week, New Yorkers have been spotting macabre limbs peeking suspiciously out of cabs, and (as of press time) Charlotte’s vagina was valued at $6,049.17. Sadly, though, as far as PopWatch is aware, only Vincent Chase will be making a splash as Aquaman.

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