Looks like somebody’s got a thing for thrillers. Variety is reporting that Jodie Foster is in serious talks to star in The Brave One, a suspense flick from prolific producer Joel Silver (The Matrix, Die Hard, Ghost Ship) about a woman who seeks revenge after a brutal attack. Added to such credits as Panic Room, The Silence of the Lambs, The Accused, and the upcoming Flightplan, you’d think Foster would want to select something, well, a little less harrowing.

But far be it from me to complain. I mean, there’s not much in the world I enjoy more than assuming the fetal position and crying ”Mommy!” in a darkened movie theater.

(Wait a minute. Uh-oh. Flashback…)

”He’s making himself a ‘woman suit,’ Mr. Crawford, out of real women. And he, he can sew, this guy. He’s very skilled.”

Mrrr. Shuddering yet?

addCredit(“Jodie Foster: Jennifer Graylock/AP”)