Peter Krause
Credit: Peter Krause: Gaas/AP

What’s weirder?

A) On the eve of the Six Feet Under finale, Peter Krause (left) complained at length about the way his character was written, especially during the last season.

B) Gay rights activist Elizabeth Birch, host of interview show Birch & Company on gay-oriented premium channel Here, made a point of inviting Pat Buchanan to be her guest for an hour-long chat.

C) Iraqi TV has its own version of Cops.

OK, A. is a little weird, since you don’t usually see an actor biting the hand that made him a star, especially when the traditional sentiments for a show’s demise are nostalgia and regret. But Krause’s not alone in feeling like Nate did a lot of things that seemed out of character during the final season, and besides, what was series creator Alan Ball going to do, fire him for talking out of turn?

B. may not be that weird either, since it makes sense to draw attention to a new show by being controversial. Buchanan, however, says he considers Birch a friend, which makes me think that almost all of these dueling-pundit shows on cable are a set-up, with the antagonists all cozy Beltway insiders who get together for drinks at the end of the day, like the wolf and the sheepdog in that old Warner Bros. cartoon who walk off arm in arm when the 5:00 whistle blows.

The most intriguing item to me is C. On the Iraqi show, viewers can phone in and praise or criticize the police. For Iraqis, it’s enough of a novelty to see the police as friends, but it’s an even bigger novelty to be able to speak freely about them. The U.S. may be having a hard time turning over governance and security to Iraqis in a timely fashion, but we’re apparently doing a better job on the pop culture front.

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