Matt Dillon
Credit: Matt Dillon: Danielle Levitt

Summer’s movie-star MVPs: Matt Dillon

Age 41

Position Villainous Trip Murphy in Herbie: Fully Loaded; Officer Ryan in Crash

Season highlights Is he a tormented racist cop…or a race-car driver tormented by a smart-ass Beetle? This summer, Dillon pulled off both. As Lindsay Lohan’s foe in Herbie, he made his cocky NASCAR champ bigger than life, oozing smarmy charisma. In Crash, Dillon turns that smarm into seething pain. When his desperate police officer feels up Thandie Newton during a racially motivated traffic stop, it’s hard to watch; but when events improbably reunite the two, his anguish is impossible to ignore. Few actors could handle Disney and despair with equal skill. (Bonus shout-out to bro Kevin, doing stellar work on Entourage.)

Crash (Movie - 2005)
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  • 107 minutes