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I was so emotionally spent after watching last night’s terrific series finale of Six Feet Under that I barely had time to ponder the burning questions raised in the closing montage of death sequences. Thankfully, a second viewing of the episode, plus HBO’s obituaries of the show’s central characters, lay some of those uncertainties to rest.

Did Maggie’s trip to the doctor’s office signify she was pregnant with Nate’s baby? Probably not. As many of our TV Watch readers pointed out this morning, as a pharmaceutical rep, it wouldn’t have been unusual for the Quaker seductress to make office calls, especially since she appeared to have brought along a large, black suitcase on wheels. What’s more, Ruth’s obituary lists only four surviving grandkids: Maya, Willa, Anthony, and Durrell, meaning Maggie would have had to lose or abort her fetus, or keep the birth of Nate’s love child a secret for some 20 years.

Who was the man sitting with a pregnant-looking Brenda at David and Keith’s wedding? Sorry to disappoint fans of Brenda’s submissive ex, Joe (Justin Theroux), but the Lady Chenowith’s death notice leads us to believe it was spouse Daniel Nathanson, father of her third child, Forrest.

Did either Anthony or Durrell turn out to be gay? It sure looked that way after seeing the front row of guests at Claire and Ted’s wedding, where David appeared to be flanked by his two sons, one of whom was holding hands with a handsome Asian man.

Who was sitting next to David at the moment he died? My best guess is Raoul Martinez, listed in David’s obituary as his partner, a man who apparently encouraged the funeral director’s artistic side. I was particularly tickled to read that upon his retirement, David ”went on to perform in dozens of local theater productions, including Weill and Brecht’s Threepenny Opera, Rossini’s The Barber of Seville, and as Ebenezer Scrooge in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.” Priceless.

Was that Lauren Ambrose playing glassy eyed, ethereal Claire at age 102? According to an HBO rep, yes!

What the heck was that haunting song playing during the final sequence? That would be Sia’s ”Breathe Me,” which appears on the soundtrack, Six Feet Under Volume 2 – Everything Ends.

We may never know whether Claire bought or rented the hybrid-looking vehicle that took her to New York, or if Brenda and Billy were visiting a ”Star Wars” space colony when the former died in 2051, but I’ve got enough answers that I’m confident I can achieve closure over the end of one of my favorite series. Have you got any questions you need to lay to rest? Post ’em here.

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