Jamie Foxx, Stealth

The answer is… Jamie Foxx! (No, not really, but he was the inspiration for the question.)

The ol’ PopWatch brain trust found itself chewing the fat about Oscar follow-up roles — in other words, an actor’s next release after winning an Academy Award. For Foxx, unfortunately, that would be Stealth. (More promising: Look for Foxx in a Louis Gossett Jr.-like role in Jarhead in November.)

The Best Actress winners have, for the most part, fared better. Halle Berry took home a chunk of change to play Jinx, a James Bond-like superspy in Die Another Day, after she won the Best Actress statuette for Monster’s Ball. Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins, then The Sound of Music), Jodie Foster (The Accused, The Silence of the Lambs), and Holly Hunter (The Piano, The Firm) — Best Actress winners all — each went on to roles for which they would also be Oscar-nominated. Foster, in fact, won again for Lambs.

But, well, then there’s Shirley MacLaine, who opted for Cannonball Run 2 after winning for Terms of Endearment, prompting at least one of you cheeky monkeys to believe a Dom DeLuise conspiracy was at work. Others, among them Jeff Commings, thought the films shared a theme: sneaking across the border. A novel idea — and it almost works. Except not really in The Firm, since it was the money they were hiding in the Caymans; the people traveled there legally. But a gold star for creativity.

Congrats to Eric Veit, Kirk Nichols, and Jordan Macadangdang, the only three who got the right answer.

People, I’m like Goldilocks over here! One week, it’s too many smarty-pants; the next, too few. Stay tuned for next week: just right!