Halle Berry
Credit: Halle Berry: Jennifer Graylock/AP

-Anyone who’s watched CNN’s daily afternoon blogosphere coverage knows how hard it is to make Web surfing look visually interesting. But maybe Halle Berry (left) can do it. She’ll be starring opposite Bruce Willis in Perfect Stranger, about a woman who trolls the Internet for clues to a friend’s murder. She’ll be aided by director James Foley, who added visual snap to the spectacle of guys sitting around an office in Glengarry Glen Ross.

-The female lead in Eddie Murphy‘s new movie is Eddie Murphy. As he did in the Nutty Professor films, Murphy will be donning drag to play a second character in Norbit, in which (the male) Murphy is pressured into marrying a beastly woman (Murphy in latex), only to then meet his dream girl. Eddie wrote the screenplay with his brother Charlie ”I’m Rick James, Bitch!” Murphy.

-Is there any job Billy Bob Thornton can’t do? President, Santa Claus, baseball coach, and now, farmer/spaceman. He’s starring in The Astronaut Farmer, about a guy who confounds his rural neighbors by building a spaceship.

-It’s always good to see Al Pacino returning to a life of crime. He’s reteaming with Harold Becker, who directed him in Sea of Love and City Hall, for a remake of the classic jewel heist caper film Rififi.

addCredit(“Halle Berry: Jennifer Graylock/AP”)