Lack of star power will keep Steve Carell's raunchy comedy from earning as much as ''Wedding Crashers'' -- but it'll score enough for No. 1 this weekend, predicts Dave Karger
Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, ...

Can a 40-year-old virgin inject some much-needed action into the box office scene? We’ll see when Steve Carell’s buzzed-about comedy hits theaters this weekend.

The 40 Year-Old Virgin, which also stars Catherine Keener and Paul Rudd, has received favorable comparisons to this summer’s comedy smash Wedding Crashers, but without many big-name stars, it’ll have a hard time matching Crashers‘ figures. Still, this Virgin should score an $18 million debut, good enough for first place.

Also opening this weekend is the latest Disney animated film, Valiant, featuring the voices of Ewan McGregor and Halle Berry. Despite an utter lack of buzz for the film, the Disney name and the film’s family-friendly nature should result in a $14 million opening. Then there’s Red Eye, the latest thriller from Wes Craven, featuring Cillian Murphy and Rachel McAdams as a hostage-taker and hostage, respectively, on an airplane. Fright fans should turn out to the tune of about $12 million.

Last week’s top two films will likely complete the top five. Four Brothers will lose more than half its audience and gross $10 million in its second weekend, while The Skeleton Key will slip to about $8 million. In other words, it’ll be a typically slow late-August weekend at the movies.

Red Eye
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