Top producer vents about minority hires -- Warren Bell of ''According to Jim'' makes an insensitive faux pas in a recent memo

It may not rank alongside Michael ”Gay Mafia” Ovitz in the Foot-in-Mouth Hall of Fame, but one has to wonder what According to Jim exec producer Warren Bell was thinking when he tapped out a recent memo.

Bell, reacting to remarks he alleges were made by execs from Touchstone and ABC casting, sent a cranky post to the National Review‘s website to respond to what he claims was a request for more minority actors on Jim.

”Of course, the conservative in me wants to say we should just find the best damn performers available, and judge them on the content of their character-acting, not their color,” wrote Bell. ”Ultimately, I will face a situation at some point this year where I say, ‘Well, X was the funniest white actor, but we should probably go with Y.”’

Disney’s Touchstone Television and ABC didn’t appreciate the ”It’s Not a Small World” bit, and say Bell has since apologized. His rant ”reflects no one’s opinion connected with According to Jim other than his own,” they told EW in a statement.

Since he favors memos, here’s one for Bell: You’re not running for an election. You’re running a sitcom. Just write us a few decent jokes.

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