Reality show ''Survivor'' turns the tables on reality TV -- E! documents the creation of horror film produced and co-written by Rob Cesternino

He was a sneaky bastard on Survivor, but now Rob Cesternino is co-writing and producing The Scorned, a horror film starring reality show contestants, the making of which is being documented on E!’s Kill Reality(Mondays, 10 p.m.). But will he survive? ?Dalton Ross

Is this gonna be a Project Greenlight-type deal, where the making-of is hilarious, but the movie is horrible?

The expectations for the movie are so low that people will be pleasantly surprised.

Scorned director Robert Kubilos has such credits as Girls Gone Wild: Spring Break, Anything Goes! under his belt. What convinced you he was the director for this project?

Bob has a lot of experience at Playboy and was able to get performances from girls who were not actors, so it was a natural fit.

Okay, just say it?he knows how to get women to take their clothes off.

Well, c’mon?there’s that one time where [Survivor‘s] Jenna Lewis was uncomfortable doing a nude scene and this is from a woman who has a porno on the Internet!