Test your knowledge of the Backstreet Boys, Fabio, and more

15 YEARS 1990-2005


In the last year of the 20th century, George Lucas revisited a galaxy far, far away with The Phantom Menace, BSB ruled the airwaves (and teen girls’ hearts) with ”I Want It That Way,” and Regis Philbin turned ”Is that your final answer?” into an unlikely national catchphrase. What else can you recall from 1999?

1 What is Neo’s name inside the Matrix?

2 What planet in Star Wars: Episode I?The Phantom Menace is home to both Queen Amidala and Jar Jar Binks?

3 Which Teletubby did Rev. Jerry Falwell claim was a bad influence for ”modeling the gay lifestyle”?

A. Po

B. Tinky Winky

C. Dipsy

D. Laa-Laa

4 Faux-butter pitchman Fabio received three stitches on his face after an unfortunate collision with a goose while on what amusement park attraction?

5 Before he was the supercool dad on The O.C., Peter Gallagher played a successful real estate agent in American Beauty. What was the regal nickname of his character in this Oscar-winning movie?

6 We all know the first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club. But what’s the second rule?

7 What musical instrument does American Pie’s Michelle (the band chick) play?

8 When the Backstreet Boys’ Millennium sold 1.13 million copies in seven days, it broke the first-week sales record previously set by which artist?

9 In what state does the Blair Witch supposedly reside?

10 How many questions did a contestant need to correctly answer to win the big money on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?


1. Thomas A. Anderson; 2. Naboo; 3. B. Tinky Winky; 4.Roller coaster;5.The ”King” of Real Estate; 6. You do not talk about Fight Club; 7. Flute; 8. Garth Brooks; 9. Maryland; 10. 15

”There are fewer sitcoms in the pipeline. That’s why the values of shows


”There are fewer sitcoms in the pipeline. That’s why the values of shows like Friends are up,” says Jim Paratore of Warner Bros.