BOLD {MOVIES}] Let’s Houdini it out, bitch! ”I play a magician, a sleight-of-hand specialist extraordinaire,” says Jeremy Pivenof his new role in Narc director Joe Carnahan’s poker dramedy, Smokin’ Aces. Not that the Entourage star is much of a player himself: ”I feel like I’ve worked too hard for my money to have Tobey Maguire take all of it away in one bad hand.” Also up the actor’s sleeve? Lucky 13, a comedy about the competitive world of bar mitzvahs. ”Garry Marshall plays my father, Daryl Hannah is Garry’s kumbaya girlfriend, and Doris Roberts is my mother,” Piven explains. ”It’s kind of like My Big Fat Jew Bar Mitzvah!”. . .Reese Witherspoon’s Type A Films is adapting Jeff Long’s 2004 suspense novel The Reckoning. ”It’s a thriller, [but] it’s not just a scare-you thing; it has a lot of political elements to it,” says the actress. ”[The Silence of the Lambs screenwriter] Ted Tally is writing it for us.”. . .Paul Rudd will be the much younger object of Michelle Pfeiffer’s affection in director Amy Heckerling’s new rom-com I Could Never Be Your Woman. Fred Willard and Tracey Ullman costar. . . .Sacha Baron ”Ali G” Cohen will play Will Ferrell’s French nemesis in Adam McKay’s untitled NASCAR comedy, and Gary Cole — Office Space‘s boss from hell, now starring in TNT’s Wanted — will play Ferrell’s dad. ”I know next to nothing about NASCAR — I’m not a gearhead by any chance,” admits Cole. ”The mechanics of it — I’m pretty worthless. I mean, I like driving, I like going fast.” Speaking of fast: Were the 48-year-old Cole actually 38-year-old Ferrell’s dad, he would have been one active 10-year-old.

TV Remember when Ben Affleck used to be known as a writer? Neither do we. But he’s reportedly in talks to write and produce a TV pilot for Touchstone called Resistance. It’s a drama about a band of patriots trying to revive the Bill of Rights and reunify an America split into different countries by terrorist attacks.