''Comeback'' character makes us uncomfortable -- EW breaks down why Lance Barber's Paulie G. is so revolting

Oh, Paulie G. Let us count the ways in which you are despicable. Is it the belch on your answering machine message? Is it how you strut around the set of The Comeback‘s show within a show, Room and Bored, with your bulging belly, that heinous soul patch, and a frat-boy-reject wardrobe? Is it how you say about three words an episode but manage to eviscerate Valerie Cherish (Lisa Kudrow) with each glare? Yes, yes, yes! You make the uncomfortableness of HBO’s The Comeback (Sundays, 10:30 p.m.) that much more uncomfortable… and that’s a good thing. ”I had some insecurity about not having lines at first,” says Paulie portrayer Lance Barber (Faking the Video). ”There were lines that got cut where I was a complete a — hole to [Valerie]. Contempt works better without any lines.” So, what was up with that awkward stare upon seeing Val’s belly-baring poster? ”I asked the writers what I was thinking, and they said they have an idea…” And if The Comeback comes back for a second season, Barber has an idea of his own. ”I’d like to see Paulie and Valerie fall in love.” Okay, now we’re really uncomfortable.

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