We present Mrs. Brightside! Killers fronman Brandon Flowers, 24, wed Tana Munblowsky near Honolulu on Aug. 2.


While celebrating her 47th birthday on Aug. 16, Madonna suffered a broken collarbone, broken hand, and three cracked ribs after falling off a horse at her home outside London. . . .Eminem (né Marshall Mathers), 32, announced Aug. 16 that he will cancel his September European tour dates and is currently being treated for exhaustion. The shows will not be rescheduled.


On Aug. 8, NYC police arrested G-Unit rappers Lloyd Banks (né Chris Lloyde), 23, Spider Loc (né Curtis Williams), 20, and Young Buck (né David Brown), 24, on felony gun possession charges. The three were out in time for an NYC concert the next night. The rappers’ attorney is ”confident the charges will be dismissed.”


Oliver Stone, 58, pleaded no contest July 29 following his May arrest for marijuana possession in L.A. The director was ordered to pay a $100 fine. . . .Five orphans are suing Extreme Makeover: Home Edition after allegedly being kicked out of a house featured on the show. In the Aug. 10 suit, the Higgins children accuse the Leomiti parents of Santa Fe Springs, Calif., show producers, and ABC of fraud and breach of contract. The Higginses, ages 14 to 21, claim the Leomitis exploited them to have their house rebuilt on the show, then began forcing them out once taping on the episode was over. The show’s producers said the suit was ”essentially a private, family dispute with the Leomitis.” The Leomiti family could not be reached for comment. . . .On Aug. 3, Emmy-winning makeup artist Kylie Bell dropped her $25 million suit, in which she claimed rapper Snoop Dogg (né Calvin Broadus), 33, and his posse drugged and raped her after a 2003 taping of ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Snoop is reportedly dropping a suit claiming Bell was trying to extort money. . . .Amid uncertainty for the legendary punk club, an NYC court ruled Aug. 10 that CBGB cannot be evicted for not paying its rent. Its landlord plans to appeal the ruling.


”It took months for my chest hair to grow back,” says Steve Carell of his waxing scene in The 40 Year-Old Virgin. ”I thought I’d be all macho, but it hurt like crazy. I doff my cap to women. I’d have none of it.”


Can The Island sink any further? After bombing in domestic b.o., and a subsequent tabloid war of words between producers and the film’s stars, Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson, over who’s to blame, the clone flick faces another setback. The producers of the 1979 cult hit Parts: The Clonus Horror filed a copyright-infringement suit Aug. 8 in NYC against DreamWorks and Warner Bros., seeking unspecified damages and an order to remove The Island from theaters and block further release. Studio reps declined to comment, but you, dear, astute readers, were commenting on similarities weeks ago.