Remember this bit in Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life? A hapless person who’s signed an organ donor card is visited by surgeons who say, ”We’ve come for your liver.” ”But I’m still using it!” The surgeons proceed to disembowel the donor anyway.

Well, now they’re coming for John Cleese’s colon; fortunately, he’s quite finished with it, thank you. At his website, the 65-year-old Python alum told the ”Franz” (er, fans) who’ve registered for his newsletter that he’s undergoing surgery shortly to treat his diverticulosis. The operation involves the removal of a piece of Cleese’s colon. ”A very nice surgeon (his Parkinson’s is only in an early stage) will be doing this,” Cleese wrote. ”The good news for all Franz however, is that the infected bit which has been cut out by the surgeon, will be offered for sale on the website in the next few days. Proceeds from the sale will be divided between JC and the very nice surgeon.”

I wish Cleese a speedy recovery, but I think I’d rather support him by buying a ticket to Valiant this weekend.