From Pieces to Weight

From Pieces to Weight


At its core, rapper 50 Cent’s autobiography (co-authored with Kris Ex) is a traditional rags-to-riches tale. Born in poverty, he’s currently swathed in gold chains. Much like Hustle & Flow, it’s a clichéd narrative made intriguing only by the setting (in this case, a rough section of Queens) and unusual protagonist. Co-written with music writer Kris Ex, From Pieces to Weight focuses mainly on the star’s chaotic early years, as 50 Cent (born Curtis Jackson) progresses from a rebellious preteen to a midlevel crack dealer with a Land Cruiser. Despite the rich material and appealing no-nonsense tone, Weight doesn’t reveal anything new about the man beneath the hulking pecs. Instead of introspection or dirt, we get a ghettoized version of Jack Welch’s Jack: Straight From the Gut, with plenty of bland aphorisms and swaggering tough talk.

From Pieces to Weight
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