Dave Matthews, Julia Roberts, ...
Credit: Dave Matthews and Julia Roberts: RCA

No wonder Julia Roberts made Dave Matthews Band’s ”Dreamgirl” video her first post-childbirth gig; apparently, it didn’t require her to get out of her nightdress or wash her hair. The clip premieres Wednesday at 11 on VH1, but you can see it already at The Dave Meyers-directed video sends a lank-haired Roberts drifting through a nightmare that has her sleepwalking around various New York City locations, pursued by a faceless man and sheltered by each member of DMB at moments throughout the dream.

It’s very conceptual, sorta like a-Ha’s ”Take on Me,” but without the pencil drawings. Somehow, I don’t picture Roberts onstage at next year’s MTV Video Music Awards, swiping a Moonman statuette from Matthews or Meyers and saying, ”I love my life!”

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