Undeclared is the kind of show that makes people hate network television: After premiering in 2001, Judd Apatow’s earnestly funny look at college-dorm sociology was quickly futzed to death on Fox’s schedule. At least this 17-episode eulogy allows us to preserve the endearingly neurotic freshman class: Steve (Baruchel), the gawky string bean who’s constantly out-cooled by his newly bachelorized dad (the jubilant Loudon Wainwright); Ron (Seth Rogen), the barrel-chested armchair commentator; and Lizzie (Gallo), the naive crush-object. Together, they endure awkward sex, nutty professors, and queasy frat-hazing rituals with the knotty, witty emotionalism you’d expect from the people behind Freaks and Geeks. EXTRAS An unaired episode with crucial plot developments; numerous deleted scenes (including the self-mocking Ted Nugent cameo); and group commentaries, some insightful, some uneven in that we-gotta-say-something-witty-now way.