Six Feet Under got its last rites on Monday, with HBO airing a best-of clip show to help prepare us all for this week’s series finale. I’ve got my Kleenex all stocked up, especially since we all know series creator Alan Ball isn’t a stickler for happy endings. He tells the New York Post (registration required), in fact, that ”there was a lot of resistance in the writers’ room to Nate dying” earlier this season, but he couldn’t see another way.

Yet while Nate’s death made sense to me from a dramatic standpoint, I wonder if viewers’ rocky relationship with the maddening Fisher clan will be the only thing that dies come Sunday night? After all, when we last saw Brenda, she was delivering her daughter two months early and shouting, ”Is my baby okay?” to eerie silence from the hospital staff. And Keith and David’s relationship looked headed for life support, too, thanks to the latter’s emotional breakdown following his brother’s death.

To which I say, ”Hell to the no!” If David and Keith split up, or Brenda’s baby dies, in the series finale, I am seriously going to pretend it never happened. Hey, I did it when Carrie ridiculously ended up with Mr. Big on the Sex and the City finale, so I’ve got plenty of practice. And if denial is one of the stages of grief, there’s no rule saying I can’t stay stuck there.

Is there any potential Six Feet Under storyline you won’t be able to accept? C’mon now, just let it out.

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