50 Cent
Credit: Get Rich or Die Tryin': Michael Gibson

”Get Rich or Die Tryin”’ is one of the 10 movies we can’t wait to see


WHY WE CAN’T WAIT Eminem had his 8 Mile. Now, his protégé 50 Cent (above) gets his own autobiographical, up-from-the-streets drama.

THE PREMISE Imagine a much more violent 8 Mile, in which the protagonist, here named Marcus, survives nine gunshot wounds.

SOURCE The true story of how drug dealer Curtis Jackson became rap star 50 Cent, as adapted by Sopranos scribe Terence Winter

THE BACK STORY The post-shooting scene, where a gore-spattered Marcus lies on the operating table, felt all too real to the rapper/actor. ”I had to lay there for four hours,” he says. ”I’ve been there, and I don’t feel like it’s impossible to be there again. Everybody else was running around like it was just another scene, but to me it was something different.”

BURNING QUESTION Can director Jim Sheridan (In America, My Left Foot) bring to this story the same awards-season credibility that director Curtis Hanson brought to 8 Mile?

COME FOR The gangsta Fitty

STAY FOR The vulnerable Fitty

Get Rich or Die Tryin'
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