Ashlee Simpson
Credit: Ashlee Simpson: Tammie Arroyo/AP

What’s weirder?

A. After 10 years, Ozzy Osbourne is retiring as headliner of Ozzfest, though the traveling rock festival will continue.

B. Ashlee Simpson (left) hopes to promote her forthcoming album, which contains a couple songs alluding to her Saturday Night Live debacle, by returning to Saturday Night Live to host and perform.

C. Bill Clinton’s presidential library is releasing a CD, called The Bill Clinton Collection: Selections from the Clinton Music Room

Well, let’s toss out C., since there’s no reason that, if Starbucks can release mood music CDs, a presidential library can’t do the same. (Now, if Clinton were playing sax on the tracks himself, that would be noteworthy.) Also A.: Ozzy’s voice has been failing at recent shows, and he has nothing to prove anymore, so why not let someone else have the spotlight? (Still, what will they call it? Player-To-Be-Named-LaterFest?)

No, I have to go with B. Not because the shame gene seems to be missing from the Simpson family DNA, but because SNL would actually consider inviting her back.