Stacey Dash, Clueless
Credit: Clueless: Everett Collection

From the Hollywood Reporter comes the news that Stacey Dash (left) has landed what looks like her first major big-screen role in the decade since Clueless. In fact, she’s working with Clueless director Amy Heckerling and costar Paul Rudd in the movie, called I Could Never Be Your Woman. Alas, it’s just a supporting role for Dash; the film is a romantic comedy focusing on a couple played by Rudd and Michelle Pfeiffer.

Still, Dash shines in supporting roles; she certainly stole hearts in both the film and TV versions of Clueless, where she played teenager Dionne until well into her 30s. Hard to believe, but she’s 39 now, according to the Internet Movie Database, and harder still to believe that she’s barely been heard from since the sitcom went off the air in 1999. (Yes, there’s a bunch of TV guest spots and straight-to-video movies on her IMDb list, but not much else. And I’m not counting View From the Top, the Gwyneth Paltrow stewardess movie that even Paltrow disavowed.) Apparently, she’s also been doing some work for her cousin, Damon Dash, like modeling clothes for his Rocawear line. She also popped up in in the Kanye West video for ”All Falls Down.”

Good for Heckerling for hiring Dash again, but can’t someone give Dash the starring role she deserves in a high-profile project?