Good news and bad news.

The good news: Dick Clark’s publicist says he will be well enough to do his New Year’s Rockin’ Eve show this December; it’ll mark Clark’s first public appearance in more than a year, since the stroke that sidelined him from the last Times Square celebration.

The bad news: He’s sharing ball-drop duties with Ryan Seacrest (left).

I don’t mean bad news for TV viewers (though anyone who feels that they’re not getting enough Seacrest since the American Idol host’s afternoon chat show’s untimely demise should say so below… Anyone? Bueller?). Rather, it’s bad news for Carson Daly. All those years he’s spent grooming himself to be Gen Y’s version of Dick Clark, only to be usurped as heir apparent by Seacrest.

No doubt Daly is drafting a cautionary letter right now to the man who spurned him, telling Clark to watch his back. Sure, Seacrest looks innocuous, but his career is thriving, while Brian Dunkleman and Casey Kasem linger in showbiz purgatory. You’ve been warned, Dick.