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If you’ve caught even a few moments of Being Bobby Brown, then you probably know the show’s at its most weirdly delectable whenever Whitney Houston breaks into spontaneous song. Whether she’s rapping about trying on glasses in a hotel drug store or swaying her shoulders and chanting ”He-ey! He-ey!” with an effeminate bearded man at the Von Dutch shop, the woman remains a mesmerizing force.

Last night’s episode, however, provided the series’ No. 1 hit: Whitney reviving the memory of early-90s R&B stars SWV. When Bobby started singing his new single to Whitney at a poolside lounge, his wife snapped out of her fog (well, for a second anyway) and informed him he’d lifted the melody from SWV’s ”Right Here,” a song so fabulous I can’t believe I’ve been forgetting to miss it for the last decade.

So all you fans of S, the double, the U, the V (yes, Whitney, you too), sing along with me now:

Is it time for an SWV reunion tour? Or maybe a double-bill with Whitney herself? Holla back!