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Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars
Credit: Veronica Mars: Scott Garfield

Who am I to tell you how to spend your weekend? I mean, the highlights of my days off will include wagering my hard-earned cash on the ponies, and watching Erika Christensen scream ”YOU LOVE ME…I KNOW IT!” for the umpteenth time in Swimfan. So really, enough about me. Let’s find out what leisure activities are being hyped (or dissed) by a disparate group of celebrity bloggers.

-Buffy creator Joss Whedon loves him some Veronica Mars (left), which gets a special showing on CBS Friday.

-Fox News star Greta Van Susteren is buzzing about her fellow Aug. 11 Tonight Show guests Gavin DeGraw and The 40-year-Old Virgin‘s Steve Carell.

Wil Wheaton‘s reading EW columnist Stephen King’s From a Buick 8. (How’s that for unintentional corporate synergy?)

Moby recommends catching Devo in concert.

-Ann Coulter fires a shot at Pauly Shore’s new show on TBS in her latest online column, so that either makes Sunday’s season finale must-see or must-avoid, depending on your feelings about the liberal-hating firebrand.

-Coulter’s polar opposite, twisted dragster The Lady Bunny, is suggesting some online entertainments, courtesy of Andy Dick and Pamela Anderson.

What’s on your to-do list for the weekend? Quit trying to be shy!