Okay, I’m only on my second Diet Coke, and yet I’m inexplicably waving my hands in the air and swiveling my hips like a rodeo bronc. Who’s responsible for the unfortunate scene up here at PopWatch HQ? I blame the twin forces of Ricky Martin (left) and Sean Paul. I mean, who can resist their siren calls to get up off that seat and shake one’s bon-bon? Not me! And now that their respective new singles – ”I Don’t Care” and ”We Be Burnin”’ — are available free on the Web, resistance is futile.

Which track is more hit-worthy? I can’t believe that I’m admitting this (especially since I’m still recovering from ”She Bangs”), but I gotta say that Martin kid wins my vote, although with cameos from Fat Joe and Amerie, he does have the dancehall dude outnumbered.